When tasks need to be executed flawlessly, I am the one to rely on. I specialize in designing and building new Tableau dashboards from the ground up.

When your existing work requires a boost, I am here to take the reins. I excel at optimizing both the design and construction of your current Tableau dashboards.

When questions arise, I am equipped with solutions. Count on me to provide support to you and your team throughout the design and construction of Tableau dashboards.

Through my expertise, I transform datasets into compelling visual narratives that unveil insightful trends and patterns. As a seasoned Tableau specialist, I excel in translating complex data into intuitive dashboards and interactive visualizations that resonate with both technical and non-technical stakeholders. Leveraging the power of Tableau’s features, I craft data experiences that empower businesses to make informed decisions. From designing visualizations that highlight correlations to creating user-friendly interactive tools, I take pride in turning raw data into impactful stories that drive actionable insights.

My approach involves understanding the unique requirements of each project. By collaborating closely with cross-functional teams, I ensure that the visualizations I create align with the overarching business objectives. I am skilled in data preparation, ensuring data accuracy and cleanliness before visual representation, and I incorporate advanced techniques when it comes to working with Tableau. My commitment to staying updated with the latest Tableau advancements enables me to continuously innovate and deliver dynamic visual solutions.

My Awards

My data visualization journey has garnered notable recognition, including a feature in The Best American Infographics 2015 and a victory in the visualizing.org challenge Visualizing the Impact of the World Wide Web in 2013. I’ve proudly exhibited my work at the designtransfer gallery in Berlin and achieved a longlisting at the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards. My Tableau visualizations have shone as Viz of the Day and Viz of the Week.