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Web Maturity

How well is the internet developed worldwide?

Web Maturity is the winning entry at the challenge “Visualizing the Impact of the World Wide Web”.

The visualization displays the maturity level of the World Wide Web as well as its impact in 81 selected countries.

Role Design, Developement and Implementation

Made with d3.js, HTML and Adobe Illustrator


Urban Environment Squares

This visualisation shows the evolution of environmental data for seven cities worldwide. Each visual is based on sensor data provided by Data Canvas: Sense Your City consisting of temperature, humidity, sound and dust measurements over a course of 14 days in February 2015. The shapes are drawn clockwise (for positive values) with a line of certain length per measure and day.

Role Concept, design and realisation

Made with Adobe Illustrator


World population condensed

If the world population of 7 billion people would live in one single city, how big would this city be if it had the density of …

Role Concept, design and creation

Made with Adobe Illustrator

View larger version here

Blood Analytics Widget

OneLife offers a smartphone app which provides (among others) a Blood Analytics Widget. The task was to develop screens displaying blood test results in an easier to understand and more compelling way.

Client OneLife GmbH

Role Concept

Design by Marco Gatti

Made with d3.js and Adobe Illustrator

View larger version here