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Ozone in the US

Ozone Daily Air Quality Index Values for the US are visualized in this rather artistic work inspired by the Feltron Report. The greater the bubble the more poluted the county in total (over the entire year). Black indicates average values above the national average, white below average.

Client M2. technology & project consulting

Role Concept, design and implementation

Made with Tableau Software

Website Tableau Public

Sky Over Berlin

A 366 days project about the ever changing colors of the sky over Berlin. Capturing a moment in time and space every day over the course of 1 year.

This artistic and abstract project is about showing the diversity and richness of the sky. It is a caption of an individually chosen moment in time and space rather then an objective collection and display of data. Yet I try to be as little arbitrary as possible. The pictures are taken around midday.

It is also about mindful moments every day.


Inequalities Quipu

While strolling through the web I discovered something so fascinating, that I fell in love with it immediately – the Incan Quipu.

This project is about the revival of the quipu. This project is about a comparison of well-being in Latin America and top leading countries in Scandinavia as assessed by the OECD Better Life Index.

Role Design, Developement and Realisation

Made with 4.5 spools of crochet yarn


What to do in Berlin

This interactive guide has been created for the Tableau Software conference taking place in Berlin in June 2014.
You can check out the best places to go, see and eat at in Berlin interactively, filter by type or explore by hood interesting places near by and read reviews from other visitors.

For M2. technology & project consulting

Role Design

Made with Tableau Software

Website Tableau Public

Sketchnotes for Goodies

In this project I visualized a new employees onboarding handbook with the help of digital so called Sketchnotes.

Sketchnotes are visuals that translate ideas, concepts or simply text into a visual representation. It’s visual storytelling that is more memorable than simply text. And it’s fun!

Role Design, Developement and Realisation

Client Goodies

Made with Adobe Illustrator