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Stacked stones

As I am fascinated by handcrafted offline data visualization, I created another “real world viz” for the #blaueblumen exhibition at designtransfer in Berlin. This time using stones and stacking them as bars.

This work is now part of a permanent exhibition at the Abadir school (Arts Between Architecture Design & Interdisciplinary Research). The viz actually got out of equilibrium.

stacked stones

“Balanced blues” – Visualization of my sympathy for blue flowers in the course of preparing my work for the Design101 #blaueblumen exhibition. 😉

stacked stones from top

“Balanced blues” from top. challenge – I won :))

Wohoooooo! 😀 Received awesome news!

I won first prize with my project ‘Web Maturity’ in the latest challenge.

Read more about it on the Word Wide Web Foundation homepage.

This ist what Hania Farhan, the Web Index Director of Research at the World Wide Web Foundation said about it:

Overall, we found Ewa Tuteja’s winning project both original and intuitive, with a simple, effective and powerful image depicting the story that the Web Index data tells. A tree is a universally understood image, and if a reader is interested in a deeper-dive into the data, the visualisation also allows for that. Congratulations Ewa.


I’m super happy having won a prize with one of my first projects…