Hi, I’m Ewa, based in London and Berlin. I’m into data visualisation, data journalism and Tableau. I consider my work as depicting underlying stories and patterns in data.

BERLIN Letter Viz

Charts are used to write each letter. See fun facts (startups, AirBnB, bike theft, clubs, tourism) about Berlin, also in comparison to other cities.Client M2. technology & project consultingRole Concept, design and implementationMade with Tableau SoftwareWebsite Tableau Public

Ozone in the US

Ozone Daily Air Quality Index Values for the US are visualized in this rather artistic work inspired by the Feltron Report. The greater the bubble the more poluted the county in total (over the entire year). Black indicates average values above the national average, white below average. Client M2. technology & project consultingRole Concept, design […]

The Tate Collection – Size matters, more than ever!

Tate released data for all artworks that it owns or jointly owns. The visualization looks at the high percentage of artworks by J. M. W. Turner and focuses on the sizes of the canvases.Client M2. technology & project consultingRole Concept, design and implementationMade with Tableau SoftwareWebsite Tableau Public

Right-wing populist parties in the EU

2017 is the so called Election Year in Europe with major EU members holding new elections. This visualisation looks at the rise of right-wing populist parties in the European Union. Client dpa infocomRole Concept, design and implementationMade with Tableau SoftwareWebsite Tableau Public

EU and UK after Brexit

A visualisation about Brexit and the dependencies of the United Kingdom and the EU members in the areas of trade, investment and population.Client dpa infocomRole Concept, design and implementationMade with Tableau SoftwareWebsite Tableau Public

Sky Over Berlin

A 366 days project about the ever changing colors of the sky over Berlin. Capturing a moment in time and space every day over the course of 1 year. This artistic and abstract project is about showing the diversity and richness of the sky. It is a caption of an individually chosen moment in time and space […]

Mit der Ringbahn durch Berlin

Take a trip around the circle line to see what life is like in different boroughs of Berlin.This Tableau visualisation got Viz of the Day and Viz of the Week in early 2016.For M2. technology & project consultingRole Research, concept, design and implementationMade with Tableau SoftwareWebsite Tableau Public

Inequalities Quipu

While strolling through the web I discovered something so fascinating, that I fell in love with it immediately – the Incan Quipu.This project is about the revival of the quipu. This project is about a comparison of well-being in Latin America and top leading countries in Scandinavia as assessed by the OECD Better Life Index.Role […]

What to do in Berlin

This interactive guide has been created for the Tableau Software conference taking place in Berlin in June 2014. You can check out the best places to go, see and eat at in Berlin interactively, filter by type or explore by hood interesting places near by and read reviews from other visitors. For M2. technology & […]

Sketchnotes for Goodies

In this project I visualized a new employees onboarding handbook with the help of digital so called Sketchnotes. Sketchnotes are visuals that translate ideas, concepts or simply text into a visual representation. It’s visual storytelling that is more memorable than simply text. And it’s fun!Role Design, Developement and RealisationClient GoodiesMade with Adobe IllustratorWebsite tuteja.info/sketchnotes

Styrofoam Population

The piece visualizes the population density around the world, using a styrofoam ball and over 700 toothpicks. It got published in The Best American Infographics 2015. It also got longlisted at the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards.Role Design, Developement and RealizationMade with a styrofoam ball and over 700 toothpicsWebsite tuteja.info/blaueblumen

Web Maturity

How well is the internet developed worldwide?Web Maturity is the winning entry at the visualizing.org challenge “Visualizing the Impact of the World Wide Web”.The visualization displays the maturity level of the World Wide Web as well as its impact in 81 selected countries.Role Design, Developement and ImplementationMade with d3.js, HTML and Adobe IllustratorWebsite tuteja.info/web-maturity

Urban Environment Squares

This visualisation shows the evolution of environmental data for seven cities worldwide. Each visual is based on sensor data provided by Data Canvas: Sense Your City consisting of temperature, humidity, sound and dust measurements over a course of 14 days in February 2015. The shapes are drawn clockwise (for positive values) with a line of […]

Force-directed menu navigation

d3.js force-directed graph repurposed as an innovative menu. Place the colored balls on top of their destination circles to trigger an event.Client mediamaticsRole ImplementationMade with d3.jsWebsite tuteja.info/forcedirectedmenu

Wear Consciously

Interactive map of Berlin’s eco and second hand fashion stores – unfinished project from 2014 – Role Concept & implementationMade with Leaflet.js & Open Street MapWebsite tuteja.info/WearConsciously

World population condensed

If the world population of 7 billion people would live in one single city, how big would this city be if it had the density of …Role Concept, design and creationMade with Adobe IllustratorView larger version here

Blood Analytics Widget

OneLife offers a smartphone app which provides (among others) a Blood Analytics Widget. The task was to develop screens displaying blood test results in an easier to understand and more compelling way.Client OneLife GmbHRole ConceptDesign by Marco GattiMade with d3.js and Adobe IllustratorView larger version here 

Abstract maps

Going static and abstract: this is a collection of maps – some: “kind of” – produced for Design 1o1.Made with Adobe Illustrator and PhotoshopWebsite tuteja.info/abstract-maps

I deal with data visualisation in different forms: interactive, graphical, and physical.

My work is, in general, about using data to uncover patterns. More specifically it’s about enabling understanding of a subject matter or a phenomenon through mediums that are engaging, e.g. because they are physically tangible or simply beautiful. It’s about translating data into form. It’s about bringing something abstract forth into “the real world”.

My work has been published in the book The Best American Infographics 2015. I won the visualizing.org challenge Visualizing the Impact of the World Wide Web in 2013. I got exhibited at the designtransfer gallery in Berlin. I got longlisted at the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards. And my Tableau visualisations have been featured as Viz of the Day and Viz of the Week.

Feel free to contact me through any of these channels.

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